“Thug” Rose Reveals What Joanna Said During Their Intense Staredown

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is a champion on a mission for the record books, and she isn’t trying to let the dangerous and capable “Thug” Rose Namajunas stand in her way.

Always a sight to behold come media day, Jedrzejczyk represents one of the most intense UFC staredown artists in the game today.

Rarely, unless Dana’s cameraman releases footage, do we get to hear what the fighters said during the pre-fight ritual.

However, in a new interview, “Thug” Rose did just that.

Check it out:

“I think she started out by saying like ‘mentally unstable’ and she said something else that … once she said that, I think I just like blanked out. I don’t remember what she said in the middle. And then I think towards the end, as she started walking away, she said, ‘I’m gonna f*ck you up’ or something like that. I don’t know, kissed her hand. But I couldn’t make out everything, but I was kind of like in this weird trance state where I was getting a few words here and there.”

“Of course, fighting is one of the most emotional things that you can possibly do. You have to constantly deal with your emotions, especially myself. I have so many that that’s where I get my energy from. But it’s a matter of controlling them and yeah, I just don’t let nothing affect me.”

“No, it’s just a script. It’s the same script that she’s just been playing over and over again, so to me it’s kind of played out. But that’s just who she is, that’s what she does. So, I don’t know. There’s no thoughts on that.”

“She rolled it to the line behind us with a scowl. It’s like, ‘Oh, it’s starting already.’ She was looking hard with that roller bag.”

“Joanna can say I’m mentally unstable and this and that — and she might be right. I have a history of it in my family. I think that’s what makes me so great of a fighter. I’m crazy as hell. And fighting helps me with that. I think if more people would hit a bag and more people would train martial arts the right away, I think there would be less tragedies in the world and less f*cked up things that would happen.”

The complete interview with Rose Namajunas discussing Joanna Jedrzejczyk is below: