Before-And-After Training In The Life Of The UFC’s TUF Champ

Most of the UFC’s female roster is dead set on keeping their femininity intact. And despite their testosterone driven career choices, they typically can pull it off.

We’ve seen models compete in MMA, only to clean up like they aren’t fighters. Looking drastically different from their in-cage persona, female fighters are an enigma at times. They get fans for their fighting skills and heart, and they also get fans for the killer good looks.

Ultimate Fighter winner Amanda Cooper is the latest UFC female to make it through to the TUF house crowned as champion.

“Fighting in the UFC is any fighter’s dream. The UFC is the highest level of competition that you can get to, so to be in the UFC means I am on the path to greatness. Fighting in the UFC means I am the hero to my own story, which allows all my family and friends to witness me live my dreams, live on TV for the world to see.” Cooper said in an interview on the UFC website.

If you saw her on the mats or in the training room, you might not recognize her poise and beauty. Something a quick shower and some make up takes care of in just a couple hours.

Amanda Cooper shows us.

Check it:

It’s crazy what a couple of hours, a curler and make up can do. ???

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