UFC 216: Johnson Makes History, Breaks Anderson Silva’s Record With Insane Aerial Armbar

It’s time for tonight’s UFC 216 co-main event between Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg.

The champion takes the center of the Octagon to start things off and the two fighters crouch low. Borg tries being the aggressor but Johnson is to quick, too good and starts to have his way early. Midway through Johnson gets it to the mat where he’s dominant from side control. Johnson is looking for a submission. e’s transitioning all over Borg, submission hunting, can’t secure anything but through the scramble remains on top until the round ends. It’s an easy round for the champ.

Johnson opens up round 2 with a low kick. Borg jumps in the air, lands a two piece to the body of the champ and clinches against the cage. Johnson turns the challenger around and presses Borg’s back against the cage. Borg hunts for a submission from the standing position. Borg reverses position, shoots for a double and lands it. Gets the champ down. Johnson ges back up, but Borg immediately takes him back down. Johnson stands back up, Ray jumps on his back and it looks dangerous. Johnson remains unfazed, dumps him off his back and jumps inside Borg’s guard. Once there Johnson doesn’t let Borg back up. He dominates from top until the round ends.

In round 3 it was more of the same. Borg had mild success in a few scrambles, briefly, but outside of that it was all Johnson, who after 15-minutes is walking away with this one. Johnson worked his way to mount, then took the back of Borg, spins off him, rips shots to the body, ends the round dominant.

Round 4 and Johnson continues his pace of dominance with the same success. Johnson gets the fight to the ground where he continues to go for the finish, but can’t get it. Instead he just dominates from top. In a scramble, Johnson hits a mat return, elevates Borg transitions to an armbar while in the air and submits him.

Result: Demetrious Johnson Def. Ray Borg via submission (Armbar Round 5)