UFC Fighter Refuses USADA Test … Until After His Dinner

Ever since the UFC’s partnership with USADA, fighters under the UFC’s employ must be accounted for at all times.

Vacations, doctors visits, trips to the gym, and anywhere else they go must be constantly tracked and monitored so that the random drug tests can show up and test a UFC athlete whenever they want.

“An important part of USADA’s testing program is the ability to test athletes without any advance notice in an out-of-competition setting.” USADA says on their official website. “Athletes are subject to testing 365 days a year and do not have “off-seasons” or cutoff periods in which testing does not occur. Whereabouts information, (dates, times, locations, etc.) is information submitted to USADA by an athlete that allows the athlete to be located for out-of-competition testing.”

Rising UFC contender Arjan Singh Bhullar was visited by drug testers recently, right in the middle of his dinner.

The UFC fighter wasn’t about to let USADA’s drug test get in the way of his meal, so he posted to Twitter that he was complying, just finishing his dinner first.

Check it out: