UFC Results: Covington Backs Up The Talk, Smokes Demian Maia In Saturday’s Co-Main Event

In Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 119 co-main event a battle of welterweights took center stage in the form of Demian Maia vs. Colby Covington.

To open the first round the always confident Covington came forward smiling, and the two exchange punches, and lots of them. At the midway point not a single takedown attempt had been made and Maia getting the better of the standup. Covington gets cut up over the eye and is a relative bloody mess. Maia finally goes for a takedown, but doesn’t get it. The two trade more punches, and Maia shoots for another, doesn’t get it either. A few more punches and the round ends. Tough one to call, Maia likely gets the edge.

In round 2 Demain Maia opens up the round with a takedown attempt, doesn’t land it. The two exchange and Maia shoots for another, but can’t get it. Maia shoots again, this time he doesn’t let go of the leg, still can’t get it. He shoots again, immediately, can’t get it. Around the midway point, Covington finds some success with his strikes, and Maia shoots for another takedown. Doesn’t get it. Both men bloody now, round 2 should be Covington’s on the judges cards.

In round 3 more punches land for Covington constantly. Maia still can’t land the takedown as exhaustion is written all over his face. With one minute on the clock, Covinton lands big shots, hurts Maia, Demain shoots for a takedown but doesnt get it, and now Maia’s cut really badly. He’s a horor story.

Result: Colby Covington def. Demian Maia via unanimous decision(29-27, 30-27, 29-26)