UFC’s Jesse Taylor Using Jon Jones Defense In Drug Testing Case

Jesse Taylor has had a rough experience in his rise and fall through the UFC as of late. The fighter made his way to the finals of The Ultimate Fighter 7, before being pulled from the show due to an incident on the Las Vegas strip. Then Taylor achieved redemption when he made his way to the finals of The Ultimate Fighter 25, beating Dhiego Lima for his resounding victory.

However, Taylor’s victory was short lived. The fighter has failed an out of competition drug test. Taylor failed USADA’s test for the estrogen blocker clomiphene. Now it would appear that the fighter is looking to make a similar argument to that of Jon Jones on why he failed his drug test.

Just last year, Jon Jones failed a drug test for the same banned substance. In his defense, the former champion claimed that he failed the drug test due to male enhancement drugs or “d*ck pills.” Jones was later given a one year suspension and it was decided that the fighter had not intentionally consumed the substance.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Taylor revealed that he believes he failed his drug test due to male enhancement drugs he received from a holistic doctor. Here is what Taylor had to say on the matter, as provided by .

“I’m not testing these supplements before I’m taking them. It’s crazy. It’s a hard thing to fight, let’s just say that. And if I fight it, I’m out almost as long and out some money. So, you’re kind of stuck in a rock and a hard spot on this thing.”

“Long story short, we kind of have an idea of who it is, I just don’t want to throw this guy’s name under the bus, because it’s not guaranteed. I never tested the supplements and all that. I never took knowingly any clomiphene, anti-estrogen or anything of that nature.”