UFC’s Legendary Flirt Don Frye Tries His Best To Pick Up Cat Zingano

UFC Hall of Famer Don Frye appears to be on the warpath concerning female UFC competitors. Frye initially began flirting with former UFC bantamweight Miesha Tate over social media. During his Hall of Fame speech for the UFC, Frye came face to face with Miesha Tate, as the fighter was present in the audience. Taking advantage of the moment, Frye decided to hit on the former champion once again.

“I understand Miesha Tate is single after 15 years.” Fry said in an earlier post on Facebook. “I’m single after 20 years….coincidence? I think not….July UFC Expo Las Vegas, lets do dinner, you’re paying, your checks were probably bigger than mine. We could make super babies, my looks and your fighting skills, how can you say no to that?”

Well, things did not work out for the 51-year-old hall of famer. As a result, Frye has taken his sights on another UFC fighter. This time, he has decided to hit on UFC bantamweight Cat Zingano.

Taking to Twitter, Zingano revealed that she found a letter from the UFC Hall of Famer which included his name and phone number.

It would appear that Don Frye was not satisfied with just flirting with a former champion. Now the MMA veteran is branching out to some of the promotion’s active fighters.