Brock Lesnar Has An MMA Protege And He’s Fighting For Bellator MMA

Logan Storley made his Bellator debut earlier this year, with a TKO victory over Kemmyelle Haley. In fact, the undefeated fighter has earned a TKO victory in every once of his performances, with only one fight making it to the second round. In a recent interview with Cage Side Press, Storley offered some insight into one of his inspirations, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar and Storley each competed at the University of Minnesota as Golden Gophers, with each talented wrestler making their way to the world of mixed martial arts. Speaking on the matter, Storley explained:

“He’s helped me a lot, in the early stages of my career. I got to work with him in high school, and be around that. At that point, he was drawing, almost every fight, I think he did over a million pay-per-views almost every fight. He always had a lot of people around, a lot of press, a lot of attention. So I got to see that, I got to talk to this guy who had all this pressure, all these people talking about him and saying things. It was great to see that at such a young age; he just went about his life as a normal guy. It was good to experience that, to see that first hand.”

Storley continued:

“We’re two different people, and two different fighters. But at the end of the day, we both come from a small town, both came from farms, and we both have that work ethic. We’re going to outwork everyone. At the end of the day that’s what it comes down to, is just outworking people. Obviously it was great for his career, he accomplished a lot of great things, and that’s one of those things I take with me every time I go into a workout: no one’s going to outwork me!”

Storley finished his thoughts on the matter by bringing to light Brock Lesnar’s love for peace and quiet.

“He just likes peace and quiet, goes about his work, that’s the Brock I’ve always known. It’s funny, the way the sport is today with everyone talking and looking for attention, you’ve got a guy like that who doesn’t have more than about five words to say.”

Logan Storley is now set to take on Matt Secor at Bellator 186 on Nov. 3.