Wrestler Elbows Opponent In Live Match, Brutally Knocks Him Out Cold | Replay!

Wrestling is a tough sport. Frustrating at times, competitors are submitted to a grind. Wearing down your opponent with a methodical approach of technique and athleticism is largely the name of the game. That being said, this wrestler was having none of it.

Two wrestlers can be seen giving it their all in the video above. The wrestler in red quickly becomes the aggressor, applying serious pressure to his opponent. During an exchange, the wrestler in red connects to his opponent’s face with his left palm. The forceful shove to the chin was not taken well.

Stepping back and posting up, the wrestler in blue delivered a violent elbow to the face of the man. He immediately collapsed to the mat after being struck be the powerful blow, as his opponent briskly walked off camera.

Watch the exchange in the video above.