WWE Wrestler Who Trashed CM Punk For His Fight, Enters MMA And Loses Worse

Back at UFC 203 last September, Phil “C.M. Punk” Brooks made his MMA debut. The WWE superstar did not received the result he was perhaps hoping for, as the MMA hopeful was quickly finished by Mickey Gall in the very first round.

However, Brooks is not the only WWE star to falter in his MMA debut. At Valor Fights 38, former WWE star David Cash faced a beating from MMA competitor Lindsey Jones.

Known in the WWE circle as “Kid Kash,” Cash was simply overwhelmed by his opponent with a flurry of strikes. Ultimately, the former WWE star faltered to his opponents multiple blows.

Before making his MMA debut, Cash had some things so say about CM Punk and his debut in the sport of MMA. The two professional wrestlers did not see eye to eye.

Prior to his fight at Valor Fights 38, Cash told mma fighting:

“I’ve known the guy for at least 15 years, probably, and he’s been such an arrogant (expletive). He was handed so much (expletive). He never earned a (expletive) thing.” Cash remarked about Phil Brooks.

Later, Cash explained that he was surprised by Brook’s MMA debut.

“I’m kind of amazed that he had the camp that he had for two years and went down that quick and with no defense whatsoever.” He said.