Bellator Referee Attacked By Conor McGregor Releases A Statement On The Incident

Two weeks ago, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was cornering his teammate Artem Lobov from the UFC sidelines. He was warned several times to halt his activity by Referee Marc Goddard. The scene went viral and the MMA world loved Conor’s persistence in helping his teammate.

Now, in a new incident involving Conor an Goddard, chaos ensued at Bellator 187 when McGregor took things a step further.

The UFC champ jumped the cage, struck the ref and now it’s all anyone is talking about.

Now the ref in question has released his own statement:

I operate with integrity, belief and values.

I hold MMA in a deep rooted place in my life and have considered myself most fortunate to have done so for so long.

Family first. Everything else second.