Bisping And Gastelum Hit The Internet, Exchange Pre-Fight Words For The First Time

Last week the MMA world got hit with another shocking Anderson Silva failed drug test, the second in his storied career.

The fallout from the latest USADA flagging was that Kelvin Gastelum, who was scheduled for the UFC Shanghai main event, lost his opponent, sending the UFC into a scramble for a suitable replacement.

In steps Michael Bisping.

Exactly one week removed from losing his middleweight title to GSP and Bisping stepped up to fill the void left by Anderson Silva, as he agreed to fight Gastelum on just two weeks notice.

Gastelum took to Instagram with his first promo-shout out on the new fight, and that’s where Bisping offered his first pre-fight words to his new opponent. (In the comments).

Here’s Kelvin’s post:

Fighting another legend! 14 Days ,3hours and 14 minuets!!!!! #onamission4gold #allglorytogod

Fighting another legend! 14 Days ,3hours and 14 minuets!!!!! #onamission4gold #allglorytogod

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And while we can’t embed the comments fom Bisping, we have a screen cap for you. The former UFC middleweight champion hit Kelvin’s comments and stated,“See you in China. Loser buys the Beers.”

And then Gastelum hit his own comments, replying with, “Done deal.”

Here’s a screen cap for proof:

Who wins this one?