Breaking: Mark Coleman Says He Just Got Beat Up And Put To Sleep, Asking Fans For Help

Former UFC champion and UFC Hall of Fame member Mark Coleman has just hit Twitter with a startling story, and an even crazier photograph.

The once most feared man on the planet, says he’s been beaten up and put to sleep, and has asked his fans for help.

You should probably reserve judgement until more details become available, because it’s hard to believe Coleman was beaten up in the street. Hopefully there’s more to the story than just a Coleman butt whooping, but all we can really do at this point is go off what he said.

Check out what the mixed martial arts pioneer had to say:

Got beat up, lumped up, put to sleep, and cut up know who did it need a little help. Who’s in. let me know. RT HH

Coleman later told his fans, who are showing concern for his safety by the truck loads, that he’s doing just fine.

“I’m ok love you guys thx” – Mark Coleman.