Jon Jones’ Ex-Roomate Is Disgusted, Tells Him, ‘Go Cheat On Your Wife Some More … Do More Drugs’

Jon Jones has been receiving some serious heat from fighters and fight fans alike for his most recent drug test failure. Coming off of a suspension from his 2016 failed drug test, Jones made his big octagon return at UFC 214. The fighter earned a knockout victory over heated rival and reigning light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. However, the fighter’s victory was short lived. Jon Jones failed his UFC 214 USADA drug test, stripping the fighter of his title and turning his octagon return into a no contest.

Responding to one of Jones previous social media messages to Georges St-Pierre, UFC’s Colby Covington called Jones “the biggest f*ck up in the history of sports.”

Speaking on the Submission Radio Podcast, Covington, who was the college roomate of “Bones”, recently offered some more thoughts on his recent statement. When asked about his heated words to Jon Jones, the former roommate to Jones responded:

“I’m saying truths. I’m saying facts… I think I know him more than most people since I lived together with him for two years. The guy is a fake man. His little f**king baby face tweets to Georges St-Pierre… It just got under my skin.

“Shut up man, go do some more coke. Go cheat on your wife some more man. You’re a piece of sh*t dirtbag.”