Colby Covington Fires Back At Jon Jones For Recent Support Of Werdum’s Boomerang To The Dome

Yesterday in Australia Colby Covington got hit in the face with a boomerang thrown by Fabricio Werdum.

The altercation stems from Covington’s relationship with Brazil, which isn’t good at all, and Werdum took up arms to defend himself against Bullying.

The situation got a little bit out of hand, and cameras were standing by filming every second.

In the aftermath, former UFC champion Jon “Bones” Jones ripped Covington and praised Werdum for the viral scene.

Jones stated,

I despise racism , good job today @FabricioWerdum dude had the audacity to call you a “faggot” as he’s backing up on Facebook live.

And here’s Colby’s response:

Wow, a criminal condoning assault with a deadly weapon. Go figure. #FilthyAnimals