Colby Covington Reacts To Being Punched In The Face By Werdum, Calls Him A F*ggot, Says F*ck Brazil!

When you talk as much smack as UFC welterweight Colby Covington, you’re bound to get punched in the face from time to time.

And, that’s exactly what happened today in Australia when the brash new UFC star ran into Brazil’s Fabricio Werdum. If you have yet to see what went down, we encourage you to hit play on the video above and get caught up.

Taking to his Instagram in response to Fabricio’s assault, Covington said a lot of not nice things.

Check it out:

“Look at this clown. You’re a f*cking clown Fabrício Werdum. What’s up? You just punched me in the face. You wanna come punch me again bitch? What?! What?! Yeah you think you’re so tough. Look at you, you fucking faggot. Yeah that’s right, you’re a little bitch. What?! Hey, yeah I’ll see you soon. I’mll see you soon mother fucker. You’re old mother fucker you ain’t shit! Fuck Brazil. Fuck Fabrício Werdum. Lil bitch ass. Fuck Brazil. Bunch of filthy animals. And they wonder why they get talked to like that. They’re a bunch of animals. How fucking funny dude? Dude– dude punched me right here in the face.”