Congressman To UFC Exec: ‘Your rankings aren’t real. Your title shots and belts are worthless’

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for the UFC Marc Ratner and United States representative Markwayne Mullin appeared at an Energy and Commerce Committee on Nov. 9 to discuss the UFC within concern of the Muhammad Ali Expansion Act. During the presentation, the two entered a discussion concerning the UFC’s ranking system.

Mullin argued against the legitimacy of the mixed martial arts promotion’s ranking system, as Marc Ratner offered a rebuttal. Check out the argument down below:

Mullin: “If the UFC is considered a professional sport, then it should be on a merit-based rankings system when the fans know the No. 1 contender actually has a shot at the title. Because we haven’t seen that at (middleweight). How did Dan Henderson – and I like Dan Henderson, this is no knock on him – but he wasn’t even in the top-10, and when was he last in the top-10? He got to fight Bisping for the title shot. Did the (No.) 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 (ranked contenders) refuse?

Ranter: “When Dan Henderson fought Michael Bisping, it was a natural rematch from a fight four or five years ago.”

Mullin: “But then it wasn’t a title shot, but yet it was for a title shot. Then that means the world championship belt that the UFC has isn’t really a world championship belt. It’s really what (UFC Chief Operating Officer) Lawrence Epstein personally told me: It’s simply an award they bestow on the best fighter that night. That’s insulting to every professional athlete.

“How did (Georges St-Pierre) get a fight for the title when he hasn’t had a fight in four years, much less at 185 pounds, where he never fought for the belt?”

Ratner: “St-Pierre hadn’t fought in four years, you’re absolutely right.”

Mullin: “So how did he get a title shot?”

Ratner: “St-Pierre was a former champion, a former pound-for-pound best fighter in the world, according to our…”

Mullin: “So he still didn’t fight for a title. He fought for an award bestowed upon the best fighter of the night.”

Here is the complete replay of the session: