Conor’s Back, Tells Showtime Boxing To “Beg” Him

It’s been two and half month’s since UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s 10th round TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather, and he just peaked his head back into boxing’s front door.

The fight didn’t go his way, but McGregor made a reported $100 Million in his losing effort. This is significantly more money than any fighter has ever made under the UFC banner, proving boxing is a viable option for the Irish star.

At the same time, having headlined one of the top two most successful boxing events in the sport’s history, Conor McGregor is also a viable option for boxing.

Recently Showtime Boxing sent out a pro-Conor McGregor tweet, one they probably didn’t expect to get a response on, but they did.

Conor McGregor’s back on social media, and in response to Showtime’s recent tweet, the UFC lightweight world champion dropped one his top three most famous lines on them… “Beg Me”!

Check it:

What’s it all mean though?