Dana White Added To Bisping’s Lawsuit After Calling “Victim” A “F*cking P*ssy”

There’s no telling what really happened at that 24-hour fitness in Orange County, California.

On one side, there’s a 19-year-old male saying he was beaten, embaressed and traumatized by UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. And on the other you have Bisping and the UFC, just clowning this guy, and saying his allegations are completely false.

Recently, Dana White stopped by Mike Swick’s podcast, and insulted the so-called “Victim” by stating, “Did you see some meathead got into an altercation with Bisping at the gym and is now trying to sue him? I gotta talk to Bisping but I’m sure it’s that typical pussy who opens his mouth at the gym and then Bisping goes over. I don’t know what Bisping did to him but now he wants to sue Bisping.”

“Should have shut your f**king mouth in the first place. F**king embarrassing. You’re a clown. Guys like this are a f**king embarrassment.”

Now the attorney for the teenager pressing charges has held a press-conference, and during it, stated that Dana White is now also getting sued thanks to those remarks.

Here’s a highlight:

“Dana White called my client ‘an f-ing meathead,’ a typical ‘p-u-s-s’ and I won’t finish the rest of that, that he should shut his face in the first place, that he’s a clown and a tough guy,. I don’t think Dana White has ever met my client. If he did, he’d know those statements are completely false, and his sole purpose is to tarnish his image. Dana White will also be held accountable for his false statements for not only for allowing Bisping to engage in the conduct that is outlined in the complaint, but encouraging this kind of bullying behavior by Michael Bisping. Obviously a business, an organization starts from the top, you can see from Dana White all the way to Michael Bisping, they’re bullies, they can say whatever they want and do whatever they want and get away with it.”

Here’s the plaintiff’s attorney’s recent press conference: