Dana White Gets Banned From Casino for Winning Too Much Money!

UFC President Dana White is a busy man. That being said, the Las Vegas resident still finds time to relax when he can. Over the years, White gained a reputation for gambling from time to time in some of Las Vegas’ most highly esteemed casinos. Now it would appear that the UFC president may have been more effectively prolific at the casino tables than some initially realized.

Speaking on his podcast Joe Rogan Experience, longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan explained Dana White has a history of not only gambling in Las Vegas, but of winning massive sums during his outings.

“I think he said he’s lost as much as $1 million and he’s won as much as $7 million in a night.” Rogan said.

The commentating veteran then revealed that White has actually been banned from some casinos on the Las Vegas strip due to his staggering winnings.

“They banned him from a bunch of casinos, because he’s really good at Blackjack.”

As seen in the video below, Dana White revealed that he was been banned from three Las Vegas casinos due to his highly successful gambling runs.

“That’s three. It’s actually four, if you count the same casino twice.”