Dana White: ‘Party Animal Jon Jones Is Totally Unfixable’

It’s almost like UFC President Dana White told the future years ago, regarding Jon “Bones” Jones.

In a time when it was apparent that Jon Jones, the youngest UFC champion in the promotion’s history, was a little special, the UFC boss warned that due to the fighter’s maturity, he might have a long and troubled road ahead.

As it would turn out, Dana White would be accurate in his concerns, as Jones is the most embattled UFC fighter the sport has ever seen.

In a new talk with Jim Rome, the UFC boss declared Jones totally unfixable.

Check it:

“I just think that Jon likes to party and he’s a guy that likes to go out and have fun and do whatever it is that he does, and I think the money and the fame made it a thousand times worse. This guy couldn’t control himself and would completely go off the deep end. Even when he would completely fuck up, he would pull himself together and come out and completely fuck up again. Even this last time when he came back, fans forgave and he was the most popular fighter and everybody wanted to see this guy succeed, and he did it again. It’s just unbelievable. Even worse than that, this guy was looking at jail time. This judge gave him another shot and this guy was looking at some serious jail time and a lot of bad stuff and that still didn’t wake him up. If that’s not a wake-up call, you’re unfixable.”