Dana White Responds To Conor McGregor’s Latest Demands To Co-Promote

Wednesday evening Conor McGregor revealed new demands for his return to the UFC.

After succesfully pulling off a billion dollar fight against Floyd Mayweather, even in defeat Conor now knows where the ceiling is when it comes to revenue earned off his name.

Now the UFC’s biggest star wants to be the first entity/fighter to co-promote with the UFC.

Taking to the red carpet at the premier of his new film, McGregor stated, “We’ll see. We’re in the process of negotiations, there’s a couple of opponents across different sports now in play, there’s the boxing game also.”

“We’re in the contract negotiation stage. It’s got to, they’ve got to entice me now because, I came from a billion-dollar fight. I want equity, I want pay-per-view. I want to be a true partner. You have to entice me now. I want to be a partner. I want to be a promoter and I want to be a fighter for me to continue.”

Once pressed for a response to Conor’s demands by the media in attendance for UFC 217, UFC president Dana White stated, “As we go into negotiations with Conor, there’s always all kinds of crazy stuff out there. We always get deals done with Conor. Conor has been easy to deal with and we’ll get it done.”

The UFC president’s full statement is in the video above.