Dana White Reveals Netflix Broadcast Negotiations Have Failed, Here’s Why

Last year, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) found themselves in an interesting situation. UFC President Dana White’s reality series “Lookin’ For a Fight” exploded, gaining a following of fans across the globe. The show featured Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas travelling the world in search of new talent to add to the UFC roster. In each episode, the trio would find themselves in various entertaining misadventures along the way.

The show was picked up by Netflix, but not a single episode of the series has since been released on the popular streaming service. Speaking on the Real Quick with Mike Swick podcast, White revealed that the deal with Netflix has since been dropped.

“I was doing a deal with Netflix, we ended up doing a deal with YouTube. Netflix wanted me to do too many f**king shows. I’m not a television f**king host.

“They wanted too many shows out of me. I couldn’t do it. I would have never been able to honor it.”