Diego Sanchez Says It Was An Illegal Back Of The Head Shot That Knocked Him Out In Norfolk

It would appear that Diego Sanchez is not entirely in agreement with Saturday night’s stoppage in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) took to Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday night for UFC Fight Night 120. The event featured a collection of entertaining match ups. Among them, mixed martial arts veterans Diego Sanchez and Matt Brown with toe-to-toe for division dominance.

In the end, Brown earned a vicious knockout victory over Sanchez in the first round. That being said, Sanchez appears to believe that the elbow strike may have been an accidental illegal blow to the back of the head.

Check out what “The Nightmare” had to say over Instagram:

“Any man that takes a blow to the back of the head with the elbow #nogloveallbone with that force goes down, any man!!! I’m not a excuse maker #livebythesworddiebythesword just saying look at the pic before casting your judgement on me! Although it was unintentional @iamtheimmortal is all class”