What A Difference Five Years Makes

Vitor Belfort has perhaps become one of the most polarizing fighters when it comes to discussing the usage of testosterone replacement therapy. Prior to the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s implementation of USADA, TRT was not banned from competition if the fighter was granted medical exemption by a commission.

For Belfort, a previous user of the substance, TRT is now off the table. That in mind, Belfort has continued to compete in the USADA era of the UFC. Beflort most recently earned a unanimous decision victory over Nate Marquardt at UFC 212. Now, the former UFC champion and mixed martial arts veteran holds a record of 26-13 in his fighting career.

That in mind, Belfort’s physique through the years appears to have altered quite drastically. The former light heavyweight champion now competes as a middleweight. That in mind, Belfort’s tone can be seen having been seemingly altered through the years in the side-by-side comparison photo of Belfort’s five year journey down below.