Duane Ludwig Pokes The Bear After Garbrandt Title Loss, And TAM’s Danny Castillo Isn’t Having It

Despite the outcome of the UFC bantamweight title fight at UFC 217, it’s safe to say that the rivalry between T.J. Dillashaw and his former teammate Cody Garbrandt isn’t anywhere close to being finished. Dillashaw was able to escape nearly being finished at the end of round one and come back to get a stoppage win in the second round over Garbrandt at UFC 217.

The intensity during the lead up to their fight was on another level and it looks like T.J. Dillashaw’s coach is still poking some fun at his former teammates at Team Alpha Male.

Duane “Bang” Ludwig jumped on his Twitter to throw a little jab at them on social media.

“Sometimes your kids act up but you still love them!” Ludwig said on social media. “Blessings to the TAM Fam”

Former UFC lightweight fighter and TAM coach Danny Castillo was quick to answer Ludwig on Twitter. This statement started a bit of a back and forth between the two coaches and it’s safe to say Castillo wasn’t going to tolerate any smart talk.

“Sometimes you get behind a keyboard & say dumb ass shit & other times youre standing n front of me cryn like a little bitch.Make up ur mind!”

Dillashaw’s coach backpedaled a bit and tried to take the high road, but was unable to sweep his comment towards them under the rug.

“I still love you guys like I told you last night when you realize it, let me know.”

However, Castillo made sure to let him know that they’ll see each other soon.

“You’re being a smart ass.” Castillo said in another Tweet directed at Ludwig. “It’s all good tho. Ill see you when I see you. Trust me MF It won’t be long!”