Dustin Poirier Mauls Former UFC Champion Anthony Pettis In Tonight’s UFC Main Event

Well, the fight is finally here. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Norfolk, Virginia tonight for UFC Fight Night 120. Fight fans have flocked to Norfolk to see tonight’s headliner Anthony Pettis take on Dustin Poirier. Now the former UFC lightweight champion is inside the octagon, facing off against the tough contender.

The round kicked off with a blast as Poirier pressed forward to get his opponent on his back foot. Pettis remained calm and methodically sized up his opponent. Poirier tried to land a flying knee, but was unable to sink in a clean shot.

Poirier got his opponent to the ground with a takedown, but Pettis got control of Poirier’s head and kept the fight from landing any ground and pound.

Poirier eventually made his way to the dominant position inside Pettis’ full guard. The fighter made his way to his feet, with Poirier retaliating with a damaging elbow.

With just over a minute left in the round, Poirier tried a takedown on his opponent but failed to get him to the ground.

Pettis took a powerful body kick from the fighter after the two reached the center of the octagon. Poirier responded with a flurry of strikes. Poirier then turned on the heat, as he rained down a series of devastating blows.

Pettis suffered some serious damage to the face, before being saved by the bell.

The second round kicked off with Poirier attempting to land a double leg takedown on his opponent. After rushing him to the fence, the fighter managed to get the former champion to the floor.

Poirier found himself in a rough triangle choke, but managed to throw some serious elbows from the position. Escaping the position, Poirier managed to get the back of Pettis. However, Pettis ended up on the top position within Poirier’s full guard. Bleeding all over the fighter, Pettis began raining elbows down on his opponent.

Poirier then scrambled out of the situation and made his way on top of the former champion, now bleeding as bad as Pettis from his received strikes.

The bloody warriors entered a grappling battle, before the referee called a pause to the match up to check on Pettis’ cuts.

The doctors decided to let the former champion continue fighting, bringing the bloody war back in action.

Pettis got his opponent in a tight triangle, but failed to get the finish before the ring of the bell.

The third round opened with an exciting exchange, as Pettis tried to land a head kick on Poirier. Poirier responded with a jab, then shot for another takedown.

Pettis sank in a kimura, but was unable to get the finish. Poirier made his way to his opponent’s back, as the fighter attempted to lock down a body triangle. The two fighters entered a battle for hand control, as Poirier was looking for the rear-naked choke.

Pettis verbally tapped in the brawl.

UFC Results: Dustin Poirier def. Anthony Pettis via TKO in round three