Video Game Touch Butt Is Here! EA UFC 3 Reveals Conor McGregor’s New Movement Highlights

Electronic Arts is getting ready to release a brand new mixed martial arts game under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner. This time around, the publisher’s own development team over at EA Canada is developing EA Sports UFC 3. With the game nearing its release date, the video game publisher has elected to reveal 10 minutes worth of footage of UFC superstar Conor McGregor’s various fluid movements to the public.

In the video below, McGregor can be seen walking out to the octagon, doing his infamous McMahon walk and fighting a series of opponents. McGregor has become famous for his unorthodox movements. Heated rival Nate Diaz’s “touch butt” comment on McGregor’s training with Ido Portal has since gained some attention towards the movement trainer. Now McGregor’s unique style can be seen in full in the recent footage for EA Sports UFC 3.

The footage is from the beta for the game, but the finished product is set to release February 2, 2018.

Check it out.