An Emotional Joe Rogan Sheds A Tear, On Air While Discussing His Longtime Friends Success

UFC commentator Joe Rogan just finished wrapping up “Sober October” with his good friends, and fellow comedians Bert Kreischer and Ari Shaffir. The three of them decided to challenge themselves by going without any alcohol or marijuana for the entire month of October which is completely uncharacteristic of them. In the end they all agreed it was a good idea and something they plan to do every year, though he did fall off the wagon pretty hard once the month was up.

Rogan is always enjoying time with his friends and sharing those moments on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Sometimes he’s out hunting in the wilderness, or maybe it’s a “Fight Companion” podcast, while other times he’s just backstage laughing it up with them at one of the comedy clubs.

In this recent edition of his podcast, Rogan was talking to Tom Segura and explaining how happy he is for all the success he’s had. While the two reminisced about the long road it’s been to get where they are, an emotional Joe Rogan started to shed some tears while live on the air.

Take a look at the touching moment between two longtime friends.