Epic UFC 40 Backstage Footage Has Surfaced, And It’s A Must Watch

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has put on a storied career within the mixed martial arts promotion. One of the fighter’s most heated match ups went down back in 2002 at UFC 40. Now new backstage footage from the event has risen to the internet for fight fans’ viewing pleasure.

Tito Ortiz was on a five fight winning streak when he entered the octagon for UFC 40. The fighter has formed a heated rivalry with mixed martial arts legend Ken Shamrock leading up to the event, but the fighters finally had a chance to settle their differences inside the octagon come Nov. 22, 2002. Ortiz put another win on his record, as the fighter earned a TKO stoppage over Shamrock in the third round.

Check out a treasure trove of backstage footage from the event in the UFC video above.