Fabricio Werdum Lays Into “Bitch” Colby Covington For Calling The Cops And Pressing Charges

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum’s anger with fellow UFC competitor Colby Covington seemingly hit a pinnacle in Australia on Saturday. Now the former champion has come forward with some more of his thoughts on the situation.

Covington and Werdum were in Australia leading up to UFC Fight Night 121, which went down on Saturday in Sydney. Covington has been receiving heat from fighters and fight fans for his controversial statements at UFC Fight Night 119 from Sau Paulo, in which the fighter called Brazil a “dump” and its citizens “filthy animals.”

Well, Werdum struck the fighter with a boomerang last week when the two individuals crossed paths on the street. It has since been revealed that Covington has decided to press charges for assault. Responding to the news, Werdum offered his opinion on the situation at the UFC Fight Night 121 post-fight press conference.

“This situation, I don’t believe.” Fabricio Werdum said following his win over Marcin Tybury. “Colby comes to Australia, and I’ve never seen him before. I’m just in my room with my coaches, ‘Hey, coach, let’s go cut my hair.’

“When I go out, [Covington] looked at me and he said, ‘Brazilian animals.’ I said I don’t believe this, and I just slapped his phone. I just touched his phone; that’s it, man. And he kicked me. He kicked me, but I’m ready for the (UFC Sydney) fight, I blocked his kick. And after that, the guys stand in the middle. And two minutes [before], I had one fan give me the boomerang. … [Covington] says a lot of things about my mom, my country. I just threw it. If I had maybe a burger or cake in my hands, I’d throw that for sure, but I had a boomerang.

“But nothing, man; it just (hit him) in the shoulder. This is nothing, man. How is a fighter going to the cops? The guy goes to the police for that? This is crazy. He’s like a… I don’t want to say the word, but he’s like a b*tch.”