GSP’s Post-Fight Face, 24-Hours After UFC 217 Blood Bath With Bisping

UFC 217 was not all roses and butterflies for newly minted middleweight champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre.

That’s because during his main event title fight against Michael Bisping, the new champion was actually losing the fight, until he found a way to win.

Even when GSP would complete his signature takedowns, Michael Bisping would viciously attack with strikes off his back, causing two massive cuts on the face of the Canadian fighter. This happened more than once during their main event. However, at one point GSP had had enough, and allowed Bisping to stand back up.

GSP would end up skipping all the post-fight media, because he was rushed to local hospitals for precautionary reasons, due to the damage delivered from the strikes of Michael Bisping.

Just a day removed from the fight that saw GSP a bloodied up mess, the new champion seems  just fine.

Check it out:

The atmosphere last night at MSG was unreal… Feeling great today – Thanks everyone for making this the best night of my career!!!