Intense Corner Transcripts From GSP’s Win Over Bisping Now Released

Georges St. Pierre finally made his UFC return at UFC 217 on Nov. 4. For his big comeback, the fighter moved up in weight to challenge UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping for his title in the night’s main event. With a stunning third round submission, St-Pierre choked out “The Count” for the middleweight title. Now a video and transcript from St-Pierre’s corner during the epic match up has been released.

The transcript of St-Pierre’s corner can be seen below, as provided by Bloody Elbow.

[Round one ends, St-Pierre takes a seat]

Firas Zahabi: Georges listen to me: he doesn’t see the mawashi (mawashi geri), left side. With your left leg, your left leg. He doesn’t see it. But only when he’s backing up, only. Not when he’s coming forward. Keep him guessing, variety. One shot, two shots at a time. Not more. Don’t go in the pocket. Freddie?

Freddie Roach: Be selective. Use your feints a little bit. Use your feints a little bit.

Zahabi: You hit him two times with the overhand right already. You hit him two times. And a jab. [Continues in French, resumes in English] Keep his feet moving. Let’s go. Keep his feet moving.

[GSP is now off the stool, ready for the next round as cornermen leave the cage]

Zahabi: Thank you Freddie. Great job. I was 100% for him, for sure. 10-9, that round.

[After the horn for round two, Zahabi and Roach had seen some openings that they wanted to exploit]

Zahabi: Georgie, right over here. Round three is coming up. OK, sit down. Look at me. Look at me… [to someone else] give me the towel…? Water is coming, OK? Water is coming. Georges, look at me – when you need to make space, go southpaw. When you need to make space — ‘cuz you’re circling towards the right. His best shot, the only shot he has is the right hand. Water’s coming, OK? Freddie… The only shot he’s got is the right hand.

Roach: [Unintelligible at first] Throw the hook and then the right hand behind it, then you’re outta there.

Zahabi: Go southpaw if you need to, OK? if you need space and time. When you southpaw, throw the hook kick, the lead hook kick. He’s gotta go southpaw sometimes, he’s getting too much in an inside fight. He needs to create distance.

After that, St-Pierre’s mouthpiece was put back into place. History was then made in the third, when St-Pierre dropped Bisping and eventually finished him via submission.