Jessica Eye’s Pissed! Goes Off On Paige VanZant, Claims She’s Ducking Her

UFC’s Paige VanZant was initially set to make her flyweight debut at UFC 216. The fighter was booked to take on Jessica Eye for the occasions, but the fight would never come to fruition. Now it would appear that Eye is under the impression that she is being ducked by “12 Gauge.”

VanZant was pulled from her flyweight debut at UFC 216 due to a score of injuries. Most notably, the fighter suffered from a herniated disc that required months of physical therapy.

Taking to Facebook, Jessica Eye has decided to vent her frustration with the situation. The fighter claims that, after VanZant was pulled from UFC 216, “12 Gauge” later refused a fight offer against Eye. Jessica Eye is not too happy about the situation.

Check out her original video in the Facebook post below:

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Posted by Jessica "Evil" Eye on Wednesday, November 8, 2017