Joanna Denies Tapping Out Against “Thug” Rose, Says It Never Happened

UFC 217 was a night of upsets as all three champions fell to their challengers by the time the night was over. In probably the most anticipated title fight of the night, “Thug” Rose Namajunas defied all odds when she stopped Joanna Jedrzejczyk in the first round.

The trash talk and pre-fight antics were extremely heated between both fighters, particularly during fight week where things got personal and physical during media day and staredowns.

Jedrzejczyk simply had no answer for Namajunas who rocked her several times before getting the TKO finish in round one.

In the replay of the finish, Jedrzejczyk can be seen tapping the ground as Namajunas landed hard, unanswered shots. But the former champion says she didn’t tap. In fact, she outright denies that it ever happened and says she’d never tap out.

“Who said that? Who said that?” Joanna Jedrzejczyk questioned Ariel Helwani when he asked about her tapping. “I didn’t tap. I heard this like two times but c’mon I didn’t tap.”

“Someone said that I tapped, I never tapped. Are you kidding me? It was probably I was trying to stand up.”