Joe Rogan Explains How To Protect Your Kids From Drunk Russian Beatdowns At School

There’s no question that longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan is very opinionated with a lot of things going on in the world today. He talks about a lot of these issues on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast every week.

Rogan believes that a lot of people these days are overly sensitive and many of them would be content to “nerf the world” in an attempt to make things nice and soft for everyone.

This would explain why the ingredients on a milk carton sent him into a bit of a social media rant. Rogan took exception to lactose being removed from the milk so he decided to post up his thoughts to the discovery.

“Some monster took the lactose out of milk.” Rogan said in the caption of a recent Instagram post. “I bet this pairs well with some gluten free bread and sugar free peanut butter and jelly. Then you send your kid to school and they get their ass kicked by some drunk Russian kid on steroids.”

Check out the full post and picture below: