Joe Rogan Reacts To Going 31 Days Sober

Joe Rogan has become a household name in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Rogan has been a cage side color-commentator for the mixed martial arts promotion for quite some time. Still, the man has gone on to do other things as well.

Joe Rogan’s interest in martial arts began in his youth, as he was a competitor in Taekwondo in his earlier years. The man would go on to create an illustrious career in stand up comedy and to be a successful television show host. Among others, Rogan would go on to host Fear Factor and his own show Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

Beyond that, Rogan has a grandly successful podcast called Joe Rogan Experience. During a previous edition of the show, Rogan revealed that he was participating in “sober October.” As a result, the avid cannabis advocate has gone 31 days without the substance.

Here is Rogan’s reaction to the recent month:

“#soberoctober has been a great experience for me & a real opportunity to learn about myself. I’m doing it again next year for sure. Join us?”