Joe Rogan Lists The Only Three Fighters That Should Be On Your G.O.A.T. List

Fight fans have been arguing over which fighter deserves to be called greatest of all time as long as their have been fights. Now longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan has come forward to give his opinion on which three competitors are in the running for the spot.

Speaking on his new podcast, JRE MMA Show, Joe Rogan recently revealed that three fighters come to mind when discussing the G.O.A.T. For him, it is between Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva.

“There are three guys in that debate. My number one guy right now is ‘Mighty Mouse.’ He represents the highest skill level. But, does he represent the highest competition level in terms of the guys he’s faced? I don’t think so. I think number one competition level is Jon Jones.

“Jon Jones has choked out Lyoto Machida, ‘Rampage’ Jackson.” Joe Rogan stated. “He’s beaten Rashad Evans. He beat Alexander Gustafsson. He beat Glover Teixeira. He beat Vitor Velfort. He beat Daniel Cormier twice. He’s beaten everybody. You look at competition wise, Jon Jones is a very strong argument for the greatest of all time. But, Anderson Silva is f**king right there too man.”

For Rogan’s full thoughts, check out the video below: