Jon Jones No Longer Interested In Confronting Covington, Afraid He’ll Call The Cops On Him Too

Jon Jones is getting the last laugh for once in his UFC career, and it’s all thanks to Colby Covington.

These two UFC fighters have a history as college roommates, and as such things have gotten pretty personal over the last several months.

Up until Thursday, Jon Jones has taken every Covington word on the chin, refusing to speak up on his own behalf. But now that’s changed, as Jon Jones has continually shared his opinion on what happened between Covington and Fabricio Werdum, going so far as to congratulate Werdum for handling business.

And, you can’t blame Jon for taking jabs at Covington now that the man is down, just take a look at these Jon Jones disses from Colby we’ve compiled over just the past few months. (We’ve placed the most hurtful ones in bold for you skimmers!)

“Go do some more coke, go cheat on your wife some more, man. You’re a piece of sh-t dirtbag.”

“He was difficult as sh-t to live with. The guy was dirty, man, he stunk, he didn’t shower, man. The guy was just a mess, man. He was getting into partying and all that bad stuff back then. He was just going down the wrong path, but he always tried to act like a saint, ‘oh, I’m into religion, I’m all about god,’ this and that.”

“He’s just fooling all the fans, he needs to be exposed for the real person that he is, because he ain’t this saint and good person like he tries to act like he is.”

“I’m saying truths, I’m saying facts. I mean, I’m just speaking my mind. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to speak my mind in this world. I think I know him more than most people since I lived together with him for two years.”

“The guy’s a fake, man, just… his little f—-ng baby-faced tweets to Georges St-Pierre, it just got under my skin. He’s just trying to act like a saint, ‘oh, I’m praying for you this’. Shut up, man.”

“Shut up loser! You are the biggest f*ck up in the history of sports.”

“Especially Jon. He’d be throwing people through windows and stuff. It was nuts. He has a bad temper. When he gets mad, he gets mad.”

And those are just a few of the many.

Jon Jones got the last laugh though. . .

One would think, that if your ex roommate was talking that much crap about you, you might not mind a quick run in with him eventually.However, after Colby Covington pressed charges against Fabricio Werdum on Thursday, Jon Jones is saying he wants nothing to do with it.

Check it out:

Good to see Jon Jones back on the scene, right?