McGregor: ‘I make Half-A-Million Per Month, With No Fights!’

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is really starting to feel his power.

So much so, that when talks of politics comes up, he proclaimed himself the President, and he’s really not joking.

In a new interview with BBC, McGregor also revealed that he’s currently bringing in a half a million dollars per month without ever stepping foot inside the cage.

We have a full-blown MMA mogul on our hands everyone.

Check it out:

“I look at politicians and they’re almost hated by everyone and I don’t want to be in that position. I like to help people and do my thing from where I’m at. I’m almost my own President (in) my own way. I don’t really need to get into politics. Whatever I say, whatever I do, it’s everywhere. If I do good, it’s blowing up everywhere, if I do bad it’s blowing up everywhere.”

“I must use my power and my position of power to do good. I’m not going to seek a title, what would be the purpose of me going into politics? Would it be revenue? What does a politician earn, 100,000 a year? I’m talking half a million a month I’m on, and that’s nothing to do with (fighting). I’m happy where I am at, I am the president in my own way.”