McGregor’s Camp Says The UFC Lied To The Commission, Conor’s Received No Punishment For Bellator Outburst

Monday, ABC president Mike Mazzulli revealed to The MMA Hour that Conor McGregor had been removed from a yet to be announced UFC 219 headliner in Las Vegas.

The commissioner said Conor’s removal was a direct result of his viral outburst at Friday’s Bellator 187 event.

The UFC has still yet to make a statement on the incident involving their biggest star, but according to Conor McGregor’s agent, Mazzulli was mislead by the UFC.

In a very brief statement to Conor’s agent revealed that his statement is, “Not true”.

Here’s an excerpt from’s report:

However, McGregor was never officially scheduled to fight at UFC 219. And McGregor’s agent Audie Attar told MMA Fighting on Monday that what Mazzulli said was “not true.” Attar did not respond to further questions on whether or not McGregor was ever planned to compete on the year-end card.

There is no reason to believe that what Mazzulli said is untrue. The only item really up for debate in this situation, is if Conor was actually scheduled to fight on Dec. 30.