Muay Thai Chick Repeatedly Full-Force Kicks Cement Pillar … Goes Viral

Fighters will sometimes go to extreme lengths to improve their striking, especially when it comes to kicks. That being said, this female Muay Thai practitioner may have taken things to new heights when she decided to test her will against a cement pillar.

In the video above, the female fighter can be seen striking a cement pillar with leg kicks over and over again. For a solid 20 seconds, the fighter continually bashes the pillar with full-force kicks. Of course, the intense training method may not aid the fighter in the long run. As striking extremely hard surfaces with great force may create stress fractures in the fighter’s shin bones.

Back in 2013, UFC legend Anderson Silva suffered a gruesome injury during his fight against Chris Weidman. The former champion went for a leg kick, but Weidman checked the strike. Silva suddenly recoiled and fell to the floor, as the fighter had broken his tibia in two.