Nate Diaz With The Cryptic “Without Me” Post … What’s It Mean?

Nate Diaz has recently found himself back in the mixed martial arts news headlines, despite having a fight booked, or even fighting in nearly a year.

The UFC mega-star instead has kept busy with traveling and fan appearances all over the world.

With the recent rumors of his upcoming return to action, it was quickly revealed that Nate Diaz had turned down the UFC’s offer to fight Tyron Woodley.

With money usually at the root of Nate Diaz’s fighting decisions, we can assume that his decline of the title fight was financially motivated.

Currently holding the #1 and #2 PPV records, and with his ability to sell out any arena in the world, Nate Diaz just sent out a cryptic Instagram post, and we know it means something.

Check it out:

I created a monster

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