New Footage Shows Cody Protesting Dillashaw Stoppage: “I’m A Warrior! Let Me Go To Sleep!”

“Why didn’t they let me go to sleep? I’m fine.”

When watching the UFC 217 co-main event between T.J. Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt live, the referee’s stoppage looked just.

However, in reviewing replays, Garbrandt was able to pop right back up, and looked unfazed.

In some brand new footage, remastered for audio clarity so everyone’s voices can be heard, you can hear the former UFC bantamweight champion protesting the stoppage to anyone and everyone who will listen, including UFC President Dana White, the referee, the ringside doctors… Everyone.

When approached by the UFC boss the top bantamweight went a step further, calling himself a “Warrior” and stating the ref should have let him go to sleep. What a stud!

It’s in the video above.

Think a rematch is in order?