New: Security Forced To Break Up Real Fight Between Jean Claude Van Damme And The Green Power Ranger

We have video and an official recount of a recent scuffle between action film stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Jason David Frank (The Green power ranger).

This is a long standing feud and recently it boiled over when the two came face-to-face.

Frank tells FloCombat:

“The promoter contacted me and asked if Jean Claude Van Damme could borrow my green room and share the room. The first thing in my head was yeah, he’s a big star, he doesn’t need to ask. I don’t hold a grudge. So I said yeah, I’ll share it no big deal.

“I never expected us to talk about old times or anything because it was so long ago and there was no response [about the fight]. I didn’t even think he knew about it. So they asked me to use the room and no big deal.”

“All of his crew comes out and everybody has their cameras out and he has this professional camera, I’m not sure if he’s shooting a reality show or what, but all the cameras are on and he comes out of the room and straight up to me and he goes ‘hey you like writing articles about people, you want to beat my ass? You gonna apologize for that?’ and I said nope. He goes ‘you think you can still beat my ass?’ and I said yeah.

“He said ‘OK let’s do it right now’. I mean I thought it was all a joke but his security was all filming this and I heard them talking in the back and it was clear that he was trying to punk me. Either make me look bad or throw a punch first.”

“I clinched him up and pushed him back, not in a violent way, in a respectful way that if you want to do this, let’s do this. The whole time everybody is filming me and no security people are coming but everybody in his entourage is filming. So I clinched up with him and put him against the wall and he’s talking and he froze up and I raised my knee and said ‘do you want to this?’ and he doesn’t do anything so I let go.

“I backed away and he starts saying ‘well be careful what you say, you never know what I’m gonna do’. So that’s when it escalated and his security guy came in and broke it up.”

“Security came and broke it up and that’s when he starts saying ‘f*ck you’ and I told him come on. Why don’t you come in the cage or the ring? Why are you doing this at Comic Con? And then his security is trying to get my phone to take away the footage.

“My point is if he has all the footage and it’s gonna make him look really bad. It doesn’t belong at Comic Con. It belongs in a ring or a cage. I’m not bitter but he’s acting childish.”

“I was on edge thinking he’s going to fight right now. He was trying to punk me so I got readyI wasn’t the aggressor but he showed no response. If somebody grabbed me behind the neck, I’d knock them out. I did that and he didn’t do anything. Security didn’t break it up. He’s got his whole entourage around us and they looked hungry. But when I threw that knee that didn’t even touch him and he cowered up.

“When I let him go, he starts popping off and then when security got all around him he starts popping off even more. I just told him don’t punk me. He was trying to punk me and bully me and I don’t do that.”

“I’m not going to get punked like that and I think he was shocked that I stood up to himI was never bitter and I’m still not bitter but I’m a fighter.”

Here’s the vdeo: