Rapper Tyga Shows Improved Striking, Still Goes Viral For Being Pretty Bad

Tyga has gone on to create a successful career in the hip hop world. The musical artist has gone on to work with the likes of Lil Wayne and Ric Ross throughout his profession. Now, however, the rapper is trying something new. Tyga wants to be a fighter.

The hip hop performer received quite a bit of heat when a video of the man training his boxing skills hit the internet. In the video, Tyga can be seen flailing his arms in wide and awkward motions as he hits a training bag. Now it would appear that the rapper is back for more.

In the video above, Tyga can be seen getting back to his training. This time he manages to keep things a little more traditional as his striking has seemingly improved.

Check out the rapper’s ability as he slugs through a round with the mitts in the video above.