Rogan And Schaub: ‘Substance Jones Just Failed For Also Found In Cut Cocaine’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is still dealing with the aftermath of his latest issues with the UFC’s drug testers. Jones tested positive for steroids following his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214. USADA later tested his B-sample which also came back positive, but Jones has still maintained his innocence in the whole situation.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan said he heard a rumor about what might’ve happened with Jon Jones and his latest USADA issue while talking to Brendan Schaub on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

“You wanna know the craziest fucking rumor that I’ve heard about the Jon Jones thing, and I can’t tell you who told me this. This is the craziest one. The stuff he tested positive for and this doesn’t make any sense and people are saying they’re so many months out. The stuff he tested positive for when he was tested here and tested there, the stuff that he tested positive for takes a long time to get out of your system, right? That stuff he tested positive for, you know where else they find it? You find it in creatine. When they get creatine sometimes from China, it’s tainted with steroids. They use that creatine to cut cocaine. There’s one of the things that they cut some cocaine with is creatine, because it looks like cocaine.”

Rogan also revealed some details about the timeline of what happened which raises even more questions.

“He had a birthday 10 days out before the UFC (UFC 214) fight. If that’s the case just stop and think about it for a moment, if it was that stuff cut in cocaine.”