Sage Northcutt Continues To Pursue Role In Next Rocky Film

UFC star”Super” Sage Northcutt is getting ready to make his return to the lightweight division as he prepares to meet Michael Quinones at UFC Fight Night 120 on Nov. 11 in Norfolk, Virginia.

The young UFC talent has been pushed hard by the promotion ever since he was first signed in 2015 at just 18 years old. When Northcutt first got to the UFC he had only five professional fights on his resume but despite his lack of experience he managed to win his first two fights in the octagon.

With a long career ahead of him and now back at his original weight of 155lbs, Northcutt is trying to make some even bigger moves using his star power and notoriety. In the past few weeks Sage Northcutt has been making the push to get the role of Ivan Drago’s son in the sequel to film Creed.

Check out Sage’s latest social media push for the iconic role.

“Who wants to see me in Creed 2? – Sage Northcutt