Sage Northcutt Absolutely Dominant In Long Awaited Return To The UFC, Wins With Style And Flash | UFC Results

UFC Fight Night 120 is going down tonight in Norfolk, Virginia with an exciting match up between former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and Dustin Poirier set for the night’s headliner. In another exhilarating match up, Sage Northcutt will be making his return to the lightweight division in a battle against Michel Quinones.

Northcutt kicked off the round at a swift pace, landed a counter right hand over Quinones early in the fight. Quinones began to respect the range of Northcutt, as the fighter began to utilize his jabs

Northcutt tried to land a spinning head kick, but failed to land the strike. Still, the fighter continued to apply the pressure as he forced Quinones on his back foot. Northcutt quickly countered a left kick from Quinones, after forcing the fighter into the fence with a flurry of strikes.

Northcutt landed a big combination, as the fighter continued to walk down his opponent. It was a dominant first round for the fighter.

The second round opened at a slower pace, with each fighter taking a moment to size each other up. Northcutt scored a brutal kick on his opponent, setting the pace for the round. Quinones began to loosen up his striking, as the fighter started throwing more combinations. Still, Northcutt retaliated against many of the fighter’s strikes with combinations of his own.

Northcutt continued to set the pace, as he walked down Quinones with his powerful kicks. With 40 seconds left in the second round, Northcutt continued to control the center of the octagon as the fighter peppered his opponent with punches and kicks.

Both fighters still appeared fresh in the final round, with Quinones kicking things off with a series of jabs. Northcutt retaliated with some punches of his own, putting his opponent back on his back foot.

Northcutt pushed his opponent to the ground with a leg kick, but Quinones quickly shot back up to his feet. With two minutes left in the final round, the fighter continued to control the pace over Quinones. Still, Quinones offered a flurry of blows to his opponent.

UFC Results: Sage Northcutt def. Michael Quinones via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)