Sarah Kaufman On Hitting The Scales In A Thong Or Bikini

Sarah Kaufman has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. Kaufman became the inaugural Strikeforce bantamweight champion during her run with the promotion. Later, the fighter made her way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After only achieving a single victory under the promotion and then going on a two fight losing streak, the UFC opted to not renew her contract when Kaufman completed her final performance back in 2015. Now Kaufman is a free agent, most recently having earned a unanimous decision over Jessica-Rose Clark at Battlefield: The Great Beginning in March.

All of that in mind, it would appear that the fighter has received a rather unexpected question over social media from a fight fan. When asked if she will wear a thong or bikini at her next weigh-in, Kaufman retorted:

“Hahaha if I’m relying on the weight of a thong or a bikini bottom to make weight I’m in trouble.”